MAS is fully functional as an essential business. Our offices are not currently open to the public. However, we are adhering to the recommended social distancing guidelines and have created a safe working environment in our offices by initiating screening practices, moving office spaces further apart and requiring the use of masks at all times. We are also allowing employees to work from home. In addition, our field staff are able to use separate vehicles, have access to hand sanitizers, and are required to use masks at all times


One of MAS’s main objectives is to clean up contaminated sites and evaluate risks and/or liabilities to the site owners, responsible parties, and lending institutions.  MAS employs several aggressive and innovative strategies to achieve site cleanup goals quickly and efficiently, including but not limited to:

  • Air Sparging/Soil Vapor ExtractionAir sparging (AS) pumps air underground to help extract vapors from groundwater and wet soil found beneath the water table. An air compressor at the surface pumps air underground through identified wells. As air bubbles through the groundwater, it carries contaminant vapors upward into the soil above the water table. The mixture of air and vapors is then pulled out of the ground for treatment through soil vapor extraction, or SVE.
  • Multi-Phase ExtractionA technology that uses a high-vacuum system to remove both contaminated groundwater and soil vapor. Once above ground, the extracted vapors and liquid-phase organics and groundwater are separated and treated.
  • Chemical Oxidation – Remediation of contaminated soil and groundwater through the use of chemical reagents applied by injecting chemical oxidants into the contaminated area. The oxidants destroy the contaminants, eliminating the need for removal.
  • ExcavationThe process of removing contamination soil by excavation for treatment or for disposal to an approved facility. Please see MAS’ Source Removal – Soil Excavation sheet for further information.
  • Enhanced Fluid Recovery (EFR)a combination of a specially designed truck-mounted vacuum and liquid handling systems integrated with mobile hydrocarbon vapor treatment systems (where required) which removes multiple phases of hydrocarbons (liquid, dissolved, adsorbed and vapor phase) simultaneously by extracting fuel, vapors, and contaminated groundwater from multiple monitor or recovery wells. EFR has also been highly successful in removing significant contamination from sites where other organic chemicals such as acetone or chlorinated solvents have been present in soil and groundwater.

MAS owns twenty-four (24) remedial systems of varying sizes capable of air sparging and/or soil vapor extraction (AS/SVE), biosparging, multi-phase extraction (MPE), groundwater recovery and treatment, chemical injection, Free Product Recovery and ozone injection that can be mobilized and put into service quickly.  These treatment systems allow MAS to keep costs down and offer the “Best Value” to our clients.