MAS is fully functional as an essential business. Our offices are not currently open to the public. However, we are adhering to the recommended social distancing guidelines and have created a safe working environment in our offices by initiating screening practices, moving office spaces further apart and requiring the use of masks at all times. We are also allowing employees to work from home. In addition, our field staff are able to use separate vehicles, have access to hand sanitizers, and are required to use masks at all times

Gas Station Compliance

Gas station owners are faced with many challenges, including ever-evolving regulations, stricter training requirements, and high employee turnover rates.  While you focus on your business needs, let us take care of your compliance needs.  We, with our strategic partner 7G Compliance will find and correct the small issues before they become major environmental or regulatory concerns.

A Typical Compliance Inspection Service Package includes:

  • Review of station alarm log of the prior month and a review to ensure each alarm condition was responded to appropriately.
  • Verify all placards, permits, licenses, certificates, and all other onsite paperwork are present and current in on-site Fuel Binders.
  • Inspect spill containers and containment sumps for the presence of hazardous materials, water, corrosion, or debris.
  • Verify that all required testing and maintenance has been completed and documented.
  • Inspect dispensers, nozzles, hoses, and breakaways for leaks, cracks, holes, and other signs of distress.
  • Customized the online dashboard to see the inspections as you need.
  • Real-time inspection reports, GPS stamping to ensure our Inspectors were on-site, and immediate notification of any detected “red-flag issues”.

Additional options available include:

  • Conduct Pre-State inspections.
  • Complete any state-required inspection forms (monthly, quarterly, etc.).
  • Verify that all employees are trained and that appropriate state forms are completed with training logs.
  • Review Written Monitoring Procedures
  • Review Hazardous Materials Business Plan
  • Provide A/B Operator services where permitted.
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